It is always a good idea to stay grounded, it helps us face whatever comes our way with our feet firmly planted on the us more stability to handle any situation.
And at the moment, this is more important than ever.
Here is a little package of two wonderfully grounding to stones to help you keep centred and ‘in your body’

You will receive two stones (a Red Jasper, and a Black Onyx) with information about their properties included. 

Pop them in your pocket to help you stay grounded during your day.

Red Jasper - a grounding stone, that provides us with a sense of balance band stability. It enhances creativity & provides the will power to get things done. It affords is greater insight so we can find better solutions to problems.

Black Onyx- a grounding, strength giving stone, that provides support in difficult or confusing situations. Centres your energies so you can more easily access higher guidance. Promotes vigour and steadfastness. Imparts self confidence and helps keep you at ease in your surroundings

(Nb: To cleanse your stones, run them under water until you feel ready to take them out)

A Grounding ‘bundle’