This beautiful wintery piece, is made from rich blue Apatite and grey Eagle-Eye stones.
It’s finished with a sumptuous teal blue/green sari-silk tassel...wonderfully tactile (and impossible not to play with!)

Perfect for throwing on and adding a little bit of drama to any outfit.

The knotted necklaces have a lovely fluidity to them, and feel wonderful on. 

Properties of Apatite-

A beautiful stone with wonderful properties...a perfect mix. It is a stone that has inspirational qualities. It awakens a sense of clarity that lights the path to self expression, clearing confusion, apathy and negativity. Apatite is said to magnify and strengthen your intentions. It is a deeply spiritual stone, a wonderful dream stone (particularly for creative problem solving)

Properties of Eagle-Eye Stone-

A wonderful grounding stone, that helps to improve emotional balance. 

Offers protection against negative psychic attacks 

Eagle Eye has powerful energy inside, 
inspiring change in a positive way enhancing and encouraging transformation and inner sight. 

Offering us self-realisation, spiritual awakening, and transformation.

It is said to bring back our desire to love with all of our heart, removing negative energy so we can focus on the right things.

This stone has been used for hundreds of years in spiritual ceremonies due to its believed ability to connect the spiritual and earthly bodies.

Apatite & ‘Eagle Eye’ Sari-silk necklace

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