I love this combination of stones, such pretty pastel shades... Kunzite, Aquamarine & Celestite all have wonderful properties...as well as being exceptionally pretty.
The stones are individually hand knotted onto the thread, making the necklace very fluid and lovely to wear.
It's finished with a sea-green recycled sari-silk tassel (a colour I'm slightly obsessed with!)
It's perfect for wearing with summer dresses and walking barefoot in lush green fields!

Kunzite (or Spodumene) - A stone of joy. Removing walls built up around the heart, allowing uncondtitional and lasting love in. It connects the heart and mind, stimulating healing between the two.
It brings inner peace and calm, giving you the capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding. Kunzite is a stone of compassion and kindness, increasing your empathy and understanding towards others, as well as towards yourself.
Celestite - without exception my favourite stone -though to be honest I love all the stones I work with...(I wouldn't work with them if I didn't!).
In ancient times, people believed that Celestite had fallen from the heavens and it has a very strong connection to the Divine, and celestial energy.
It inspires deep relaxation, and helps restore your natural state of joy, dispelling worry and promoting mental clarity.
Aquamarine - A stone of courage, reducing stress by quietening hte mind.
It gives support to those overwhelmed by responsibilty. It is also known to clear blocks in communication and promote self-expression.

Aquamarine & Kunzite Sari-silk necklace

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