This knotted necklace is made from beautiful Aquamarine, Silver Cloud Quartz and a smattering of Celestite.
It imbues calm, and there's a lovely ethereal feel to it.
The soft, delicate shades of blues & silver-greys, are carried on in the choice of sari-silk. 
I defy anyone not to play with the sari-silk tassel endlessly all day (it's so tactile!)
The perfect Spring piece...though it will see you through all the's very versatile.

A stone of courage, with very soothing & calming energies. In ancient times it was used as symbol of light against dark forces. 
Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people.
Giving support to those overwhelmed by responsibility, helping create a dynamism in the wearer. Breaking old, self-defeating  habits.
It also sharpens intuition.

Silver Cloud Quartz 
As with all Quartz, it is a master healer 
It works at a vibrational level, specific to the energy requirement of the person using it.
It is an amplifier of energy, storing and releasing energy and is excellent at unblocking it.
At a spiritual level it raises ones energies to the highest level.

Has a very high vibration and is imbued with divine energies.
It is said to jump start spiritual development and put you on the path to enlightenment.
It helps dream recall.
Promotes purity of heart and brings balance
It is a deeply harmonious and peaceful stone.
In ancient times it was said to have fallen from the heavens.

Aquamarine & Silver Cloud Quartz Sari-Silk Necklace

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