I love the earthy rich tones of this wrap, made from Black Silver Leaf Jasper and Black Tourmaline.

Designed for the rich golden sunshine of late summer, this wrap will see you through the year...it’s an easy bracelet that will go with everything.

The Jasper has such subtle colouring, beautiful rich tones of grey and silver, marbled together...it’s offset well by the deep black gloss of the Tourmaline.

Hand sewn onto natural leather, with an iridescent mother of Pearl button fastening. 
Adjusts to 3-4 possible lengths.

Black Silver Leaf Jasper -

An excellent protection stone, providing protection for travellers (and astral travellers) 
It also makes a wonderful grounding stone and is a particularly good tool when used for healing. 
Silver Leaf Jasper instils a sense of 'wholeness' and serenity, and helps us feel cared for.
It boosts the immune system, acting as an energetic tonic.
It is also known for it's ability to help mental clarity.

Black Tourmaline - Is an amazing protection stone..known for its ability to protect against psychic attack. 

A stress reliever that detoxifies the body and heals the connection between mind and body. 

It not only heals the physical body but provides an emotional spiritual detox.

Black Silver Leaf Jasper & Black Tourmaline triple wrap

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