I absolutely love this wrap, there is such an uplifting feel to it - it has a wonderful, rich, sunny glow. 
That is of course unsurprising, as it it made from Black Sunstone, a truly lovely stone.

It is further enhanced by the warmth of the gold Japanese glass beads either side of it.

Definitely one to give you cheer as winter sets in...perfect for everyday by a flickering fire, or any party you care to be invited to!

Hand sewn onto natural leather, and finished with a mother of Pearl button (adjusts to 3-4 possible lengths)

Properties of Sunstone

A joyful stone that inspires light.
Instilling a joie de vie within us, whilst heightening intuition.

Sunstone restores a sweetness to our lives and nurtures us.

Within tradition it is linked to benevolent gods and is seen as a stone of good luck.

An alchemical stone that brings an extremely strong connection to the light, particularly if used during meditation.

It facilitates self-empowerment, independence, and vitality.
Encouraging feelings of self-worth and confidence (whilst reversing any feelings of failure)

Black Sunstone & Gold Japanese glass wrap