This delicate Triple-tie bracelet is made from Black Tourmaline, crystal  cut glass, Japanese glass, and is interspersed with Karen Hill silver.

It catches the light beautifully and provides the subtlest of sparkles.

Simple and pretty, it can be worn on its own, or stacked with as many bracelets as your wrist can handle!

Perfect for an evening out, or for just sitting by the fire enjoying a good book!

Properties of Black Tourmaline:

An amazing protection stone...known for its ability to protect against psychic attack. 

A stress reliever that detoxifies the body and heals the connection between mind and body. 

It not only heals the physical body but provides an emotional spiritual detox.

Nb: this is an adjustable bracelet, so should fit most wrist sizes.

Black Tourmaline Triple-Twist tie bracelet