This simple, delicate tie bracelet is made from Chrycosolla (a rich, vibrant stone of blues and greens, with the ocasional sprinkle of gold..stunning, and perfect for warm summer days) and *Karen Hill silver.

Chrysocolla - a stone primarily of communication. It is devoted to expression, empowerment and teaching.
It helps dispel negative energies and gives a sense of calm. whilst allowing truth and our inner wisdom to surface and be heard. Emphasising the power of our words, encouraging compassion and a strengthening of character. With its feminine energies, Chrycosolla teaches us that the greatest strength and power is expressed through gentleness.
It is also favoured as a stone of prosperity.*Karen Hill Silver is from Thailand and has an extremely high silver content (approximately 98%)It has a wonderful matte silver/grey tone...which is why it has been chosen.**The idea behind the Harmony Bracelets, is to have something delicate and understated (and very pretty!) that is made from different semi-precious stones. Each with very different properties, to promote harmony within the wearer. Something to be worn as you wish...either subtly hidden or very much on show; on its own or to compliment other bracelets.

Chrysocolla & Karen Hill Silver Harmony Bracelet

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