This hand knotted necklace is made from beautiful, rich blue, Dumortierite. It's a gorgeous stone, mostly dark blue in tone with occasional ripples of smokey lighter it a very beautiful rich complex look to each stone. 

It is finished with a French blue recycled sari-silk tassel, which is wonderfully tactile...and very difficult not to play with it whilst you're wearing it! The fluidity of the necklace makes it a lovely piece to wear...a perfect piece for Spring/Summer.


Dumortierite is a wonderful stone first discovered by the French paleontologist Eugene Dumortier. It is said to help enhance your intellect and mental skills, as well as being a stone of patience and calm...helping you to clear your mind.

Dumortierite balances the energy of your throat chakra, aiding communication.

It also helps to strengthen ones courage and remove irrational fears.

Dumortierite & French blue Sari-silk Knotted necklace

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