Beautiful and rich in colour, *Garnet is a wonderful stone, with wonderful properties and is a January birthstone.

This is a perfect bracelet for wearing day to day (and particularly for an evening out) and adding a touch of warmth and colour.

The Garnet really stands out against the silver of the Japanese glass...and looks very striking when worn.

Handsewn onto natural leather with a Mother of Pearl button fastening (adjustable to 3-4 possible lengths)



One of the most notable properties of this beautiful stone is its ability to purify and heal.It has the power to purify the energies in your body by removing toxins. It can cleanse your body, mind and spirit.A perfect stone for regaining balance and to help harness your inner strength.Garnet can help promote strong and lasting filling your life with passion and inspiration.

(These are just the highlights of this beautiful stone, and it is definitely worth reading more about it)

Faceted Garnet & Silver Japanese Glass Wrap

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