This necklace is made from such a pretty stone...Flower Jasper. 
It is light and earthy in colour...made up from rich lilac greys and browns...with countless colours in between!
It’s finished with a lilac/grey sari-silk tassel.

This one is such a lovely one to seems to fit any the stones have so many different colours and shades to them, that they’ll sit well through all seasons!
And this makes it super easy to wear! 
A lovely simple white blouse and jeans might be crying out for this necklace! (But that’s just me!)

Properties of Flower jasper: 

This stone lifts our spirits and brings joy, balancing our inner desire for calm with our outer self.
Thought to be a physically stabilizing stone, it brings well-being, strengthens the immune system, heals wounds and purifies the blood.

Protects travellers.

Vibrates with the heart chakra, bringing emotional balance to heartache. 

Eases tension between people, and helps us handle situations in a calm manner.

Flower Jasper Sari-silk Necklace