This delicate and pretty tie bracelet is made from natural Fluorite (a beautiful multi-coloured stone), and Karen Hill Silver*

Properties of Fluorite:

Comes from the Latin meaning 'flow', Fluorite cleanses the aura, and absorbs and neutralises negative energy.

Increases your feelings of self-confidence, particularly when it comes to decision making...Fluorite is often referred to as the 'Genius Stone'

Encourages positivity, whilst balancing our energies.

Each colour of Fluorite adds it's own healing.:

Blue - calms and soothes, and aids our communication.

Green - brings hormonal balance.

Purple - aids spiritual balance 

Yellow - enhances creativity and supports spirituality and thought.

.*Karen Hill Silver is from Thailand and has an extremely high silver content (approximately 98%)
It has a wonderful matte silver/grey tone...which is why it has been chosen. 

The idea behind the Harmony Bracelets, is to have something delicate and understated (and very pretty!) that is made from different semi-precious stones.
Each with very different properties, to promote harmony & balance. within the wearer.
Something to be worn as you wish...either subtly hidden or very much on show; on its own, or to compliment other bracelets.

Fluorite Harmony Bracelet