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Golden rutilated Quartz is such a beautiful stone, and this mala is made entirely out of it...finished with a single Citrine (as the Meru stone), a Moroccan silver disc bead, and golden tassel.

There is a warmth and uplifting, comforting energy exuding from this mala, and when you read about the properties of *Rutilated Quartz, it is easy to see why.

Traditionally Mala’s are made with 108 beads with a larger stone (the Guru or Meru stone) that the 108 turn around like planets around the Sun.

The number 108 has long been held as a sacred number in Hinduism. 
It connects the Earth , the moon, and the Sun.
The average distance between the Sun & the moon to the earth is 108 times their respective diameters.
The circumference of the Sun is said to be 108 times the circumference of the Earth. 

In Vedic culture 108 is viewed as a number of the wholeness of existence.

In yogic traditions, there are 108 sacred sites throughout India, and 108 sacred places of the body.

Place the Mala between your middle & ring finger. Starting at the Guru/Meru stone, use your thumb to count each smaller stone as you recite your mantra.

Properties of Rutilated Quartz 

A stone which is an effective integrator of energy (at all levels)
It is said to have the perfect balance of ‘cosmic light’ ...cleansing and energising the aura.
It facilitates contact with the highest spiritual guidance....breaking down barriers to spiritual progress.
Helps us let go of the past.
Removes negative energy.

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Golden Rutilated Quartz mala

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