This delicate and pretty tie bracelet is made from nGreen Fluoritel (a super pretty transluscent green stone)...and Karen Hill Silver*


The idea behind the Harmony Bracelets, is to have something delicate and understated (and very pretty!) that is made from different semi-precious stones.

Each with very different properties, to promote harmony & balance within the wearer.

Something to be worn as you wish...either subtly hidden or very much on show; on its own, or to compliment other bracelets.


Green Fluorite:

A wonderful stone that grounds excessive energy, and helps to clear emotional trauma.

It absorbs negative energies from the enviroment.

Green Fluorite is a very intuitive stone, bringing information from the subconscious to be more easily accessed.

It cleanses the chakras and our auric field.

It is also an incrediably protective stone, especially on a psychic level, helping give greater discernment to outside influences.

It helps ground and integrate spiritual energies and can quicken spiritual awakening.


*Karen Hill Silver is from Thailand and has an extremely high silver content (approximately 98%)It has a wonderful matte silver/grey tone...which is why it has been chosen.

Green Fluorite Harmony Bracelet