Super delicate with just a little bit of sparkle, this bracelet is made up of 3 different strands.

The first is Green Garnet, a lesser known variety of a garnet...a translucent rich green, which is so has wonderful properties (see below).
Secondly Crystal cut glass, interspersed with a *Karen Hill Silver, and thirdly, extremely delicate Japanese glass.

A perfect little summer bracelet, which can be worn very happily, on its own...or layered with other you wish!

Green Garnet
 - is restorative, a growth stone... a powerful conduit of birth and renewal.

It’s a stone that’s brimming with hope with powerful energies that will help restore your faith in the future.

It brings strength during difficult challenging times in your life.
It also helps to increase feelings of kindness and compassion.

Green Garnet is a known as a stone of regeneration and growth.
Its beautiful green colour is a symbol of Mother Earth.
It’s believed that Green-Garnet has the power to accept and nurture. 

*Karen Hill Silver has an extremely high (approx 98%) silver content, and as such, has a wonderful patina.

Green Garnet Triple-Twist Tie Bracelet