There is such a beautiful lustre to this rare stone...full of different shades of green (the wonderful green of natural Jade) with the flashes of silver pyrite running through. Mesmerising!

It feels wonderful against the skin, extremely tactile.

It is an unusual and beautiful combinations of two stones, that each have wonderful properties...and they make for great bedfellows!

This is the perfect wrap to wear if you are in need of a nurturing and protective hand in life....or just need to wrap yourself up in something beautiful!


Properties of Jade:

Green jade is a symbol of purity and serenity.

It is associated with the heart chakra, bringing a nurturing and loving energy to the wearer.

a stone that soothes the mind and releases negative thoughts.

Jade is known as a dream stone, placed on the forehead it can bring us more insightful dreams.

Spiritually, Jade encourages you to become who you are truly meant to be, a soul purpose stone, awakening hidden knowledge within us.


Properties of Pyrite

 A stone that encourages new ways of thinking, so you can achieve new outcomes...a very protective stone, deflecting negative energy and keeping your auric field free from negative vibrations.

A stone that enhances your will power, and is a great support in challenging times....a very helpful  stone for growth and success.

Pyrite will help you keep grounded. 


Each stone is handsewn onto natural leather, with a mother of pearl button adjusts to 4-5 possible lengths


NB: to help ensure the longevity of your wrap, it is best to avoid submerging it in water...Though I do offer repairs if you have any issues with it in the future...just get in touch!

Green Jade with Pyrite Triple Wrap