This colour of this wrap really pops on the wrist...Green Moonstone is hard to take your eyes off...and I for one, love it!

It has the most beautiful iridescence to it...shimmering like cat's eyes in the light.

A very pale green in colour (unmistakenly a moonstone, as you can see the white within it)

Wonderful to wear if you need your spirits lifted, not only because it is a beautiful stone, but Green Moonstone holds wonderful properties, that will not fail to uplift!


Green Moonstone:

This beautiful green stone (an uncommon form of Moonstone) symbolises magic, feminine goddess energy, emotional balance, love, and compassion, and is associated with the third eye chakra, the heart chakra, and the solar plexus chakra.


An excellent stone for helping ease the pain of severe emotional trauma or shock in life, use the heart healing power of Green Moonstone to relieve your heart of the pain and grief.


Green Moonstone also represents freedom, and so it can assist you in breaking free of any emotional or mental ‘chains’ that may be holding you back from your true potential.


It is also a wonderful stone for helping with anxiety, a good one to have on hand when you are feeling down and troubled.


Each stone is handsewn onto natural leather, and fastens with a mother of pearl button...there are 4-5 possible lengths.


NB: to help ensure the longevity of your wrap, it is best to avoid submerging it in water...Though I do offer repairs if you have any issues with it in the future...just get in touch!

Green Moonstone Triple Wrap