Inspired by the beautiful Spring blossoms, this wrap bracelet is made from natural Kunzite (an exceptionally pretty lilac/pink stone) and Moonstone (a beautiful semi-transluscent white stone that flashes with iridescent blues...absolutely stunning)

The soft pastel tones makes this the perfect piece to wear all Spring and Summer, and it will go with just about everything.


Each stone on this wrap has been individually hand sewn onto natural leather cord, and fastens with a Mother of Pearl button (there are 3 possible adjustable lengths)


Not only are these stones aesthetically beautiful, they have absolutely wonderful properties. (please see below)


Kunzite (or Spodumene) - A stone of joy. Removing walls built up around the heart, allowing uncondtitional and lasting love in. It connects the heart and mind, stimulating healing between the two.

It brings inner peace and calm, giving you the capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding. Kunzite is a stone of compassion and kindness, increasing your empathy and understanding towards others, as well as towards yourself.

Moonstone - Is the perfect expression of the yin feminine energy, and the soothing energy of the Moon. It is a stone of new beginnings and inner strength. It helps to soothe emotional instabiloty and stress and stabilises the emotions, providing calm. 

Moonstone enhances intuition, promoting inspiration and success. 

Kunzite & Moonstone Blossom Wrap

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