This delicate and pretty tie bracelet is made from kyanite (a beautiful, rich, almost iridescent deep blue stone), and Karen Hill Silver*

The idea behind the Harmony Bracelets, is to have something delicate and understated (and very pretty!) that is made from different semi-precious stones.

Each with very different properties, to promote harmony & balance within the wearer.

Something to be worn as you wish...either subtly hidden or very much on show; on its own, or to compliment other bracelets.

Properties of Kyanite - a stone that aligns all the chakras and so creates balance within you.
It cannot hold onto negative energy, so is one of two Earth stones (the other being Citrine) that never needs to cleansed.
It facilitates dream recall and promotes healing dreams.
It encourages you to speak your truth cutting through fears and blocks...aiding self-expression.

* Karen Hill Silver is from Thailand and has an extremely high silver content (approximately 98%)
It has a wonderful matte silver/grey tone...which is why it has been chosen. 

Kyanite Harmony Bracelet

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