Super delicate with just a little bit of sparkle, this bracelet is made up of 3 different strands.

The first is Labradorite, an absolutely beautiful translucent grey/green stone, with flashes of iridescent blue...really has magical properties (see below).
Secondly Crystal cut glass, interspersed with Karen Hill Silver, and thirdly, extremely delicate Japanese glass.

A perfect little summer bracelet, which can be worn very happily, on its own...or layered with other pieces.

Labradorite - a stone of magic, said to enhance your psychic abilities, and intuition.

It is a powerful healing crystal, that increases coincidence and synchronicity. 

It is also known as a stone of transformation, a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance

*Karen Hill Silver has an extremely high (approx 98%) silver content, and as such, has a wonderful patina. 

Labradorite Triple-Twist Tie Bracelet