This necklace is all about love! 
Made from Madagascan Rose Quartz, which is richer and darker than has a beautiful smoky-pink quality. 
It is interspersed with faceted Silver Cloud Quartz...I think they make a lovely couple (both in their rich colour, and their properties) 

It’s crying out for some it catches the light beautifully.
Perfect with a simple white shirt and jeans...or a floaty dress (or anything that takes your fancy...this one’s pretty easy to wear!)

Properties of Rose Quartz:

As with all Quartz, this is a master Healer and contains the Universal Life force. 
But added to this, Rose Quartz is a heart stone. 
It carries soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing. 
A crystal of unconditional love.

Properties Silver Cloud Quartz:

Works at a vibrational level, specific to the energy requirement of the person using it.

It is an amplifier of energy, storing and releasing energy and is excellent at unblocking it.
At a spiritual level it raises ones energies to the highest level.

Madagascan Rose & Silver Cloud Quartz Sari-Silk Necklace