There's a lovely ethereal feel to this necklace...made from natural lilac/pink Kunzite, and faceted Silver Cloud Quartz, finished with a silver/grey recycled sari-silk tassel.
It is individually hand knotted so has a wonderful fluidity to it...and is lovely to wear.
A perfect necklace for summer days (or evenings!)...its pretty delicate pastel shades, make it easy to wear with just about everything.

Silver Cloud Quartz - "Master Healing Crystal"
As with all quartz, Silver Cloud is a natural transmitter and container of Universal life force. Said to be usable for healing any condition, this stone is known for its purifying effects.
It is extremely soothing & cleansing, and is one of the most beneficial stones you can introduce in your life for the purposes of healing.
Kunzite (or Spodumene) - A stone of joy. Removing walls built up around the heart, allowing uncondtitional and lasting love in. It connects the heart and mind, stimulating healing between the two.
It brings inner peace and calm, giving you the capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding. Kunzite is a stone of compassion and kindness, increasing your empathy and understanding towards others, as well as towards yourself.

Natural Kunzite & Silver Quartz Sari-silk necklace

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