Really lovely bracelets made from natural stones and Oxidised silver.
Inspired by the beautiful Cornish coastline...just the most inspiring place! 

Equally lovely worn on their own, or stacked with other bracelets.

They each have an oxidised silver Lotus Flower disc charm (it’s blackened through an oxidisation process...and not in need of clean!!) 

There are three choices of stone (though more are available here: 

-Lepidolite (a lilac/heather colour)
-Chrysoprase (rich greens with occasional mottled brown)
-Lemurian Aquatine Calcite (blue/greys & copper colours)

They are slightly bigger in size, so are unisex and should fit a slightly larger wrist.
They are stretch bracelets so there is give to them...but please get in touch if you feel you need something made to order.

Properties of stones:

One of the best mood and emotional balancers in the Chrystal world! It helps to balance the mind and spirit, especially when you are feeling paralyzed by the negative effects of stress and anxiety. 
The Lepidolite crystal properties work by bringing awareness to your current state of being. 
Lepidolite provides calm and tranquility so you can focus on solutions, and address the source of your stress rather than letting it take over. 
The soothing vibrations of this stone makes it such a powerful crystal for supporting sleep and relaxation. 

When you are feeling anxious, use your Lepidolite crystal as a touchstone for you to tap into its soothing and stabilizing energy...

It is strongly associated with the third eye and crown chakras., and it is this connection that gives Lepidolite its powerful ability to sooth your mind and put your spirit at ease


Chrysoprase is a beautiful stone for helping us to improve our emotional health. 
It promotes forgiveness, empathy, self-growth, self-love, and general joie de vie

Chrysoprase can be used to heal the energy of the heart chakra and promote a much stronger flow of energy through it. In fact, Chrysoprase is one of the best stones you can use as a heart chakra clears and promotes the energy of the heart chakra.

Chrysoprase is closely connected to Spring and the natural world....promotes forgiveness and kindness, so you can reach out to nature’s joys more effectively

Aquatine Calcite:

It helps reduce stress, fear, worry and anxiety about the future. 

It helps us to look inside ourselves, into our very soul

Aquatine Calcite encourages us to have much more lucid dreams and to be able to recall them more easily. It helps us to access past lives and ancient knowledge. 

It helps to increase our awareness of spirit guides, angels and guardians and provides for easier communication with all higher beings. 

It helps to promote both karmic uplift and spiritual ascension.

It has a strong connection to sea animals, perhaps because it has long been associated with the water based ancient peoples of Lemuria and to the watery qualities of intuition.


To put your bracelet on, gently roll it over your avoid excess stretching.
If you feel it is too ‘stretched’ when being worn, please get in touch, I am very happy to make a larger one for you (as long as I still have the stones in stock)
Equally if you’d like a smaller version, please let me know.

Natural Stone & Oxidised Silver bracelets (Unisex 2)