These pretty bracelets are made from natural stones and a solid silver fish design charm.

They are inspired by the beautiful colours of the Cornish coast line...(which I can highly recommend!)

They’re also extremely tactile and lovely to wear....looking equally good worn individually, as they are stacked together.

There are 3 stone choices:
-*Natural Fossil Coral (a beautiful stone in shades of greys, and coral tones)
-Rhodonite (a rich earthy pink & black stone)
-Lemurian Aquatine Calcite (a semi-translucent Stone, of pale blues and earthy copper/browns)

Properties of each stone:

-*Natural Fossil Coral:

Fossil Coral is said to be a gift from the stars...and can be used in aiding telepathic communication with other realms and dimensions. 

The Quartz qualities in fossils make them perfect tools for working on past life memories. 
Quartz is known as  a recorder of time and events, as well as a master healing stone.

Coral Fossil is also helpful for promoting inner peace and receiving insights into some of the infinite Universal knowledge.

It is a wonderful stone for keeping you grounded and motivated, and is thus great for helping with business projects...good for entrepreneurs! is also said to be an excellent protection stone for travel on or near water.


Rhodonite is a heart stone and a stone of compassion.

It helps to balance our emotions and facilitate the clearing of emotional wounds from the past. 
It clears and activates the heart.

A wonderful stone for preventing patterns of self-destruction.

It encourages unselfish self-love and forgiveness.

-Aquatine Calcite:

It helps reduce stress, fear, worry and anxiety about the future. 

It helps us to look inside ourselves, into our very soul

Aquatine Calcite encourages us to have much more lucid dreams and to be able to recall them more easily. It helps us to access past lives and ancient knowledge. 

It helps to increase our awareness of spirit guides, angels and guardians and provides for easier communication with all higher beings. 

It helps to promote both karmic uplift and spiritual ascension.

It has a strong connection to sea animals, perhaps because it has long been associated with the water based ancient peoples of Lemuria and to the watery qualities of intuition.

To put your bracelet on, gently roll it over your avoid excess stretching.
If you feel it is too ‘stretched’ when being worn, please get in touch, I am very happy to make a larger one for you (as long as I still have the stones in stock)

* please note:
 “Fossil coral should not be mistaken for endangered or protected reef coral or precious coral. It is considered to be a type of agate or chalcedony, rather than a type of coral, due to its silicon dioxide composition”

Natural Stone & Silver bracelets (coastal 2)