This sample wrap is made from a beautiful and rare stone called Nipomo Marcasite...a dark metallic grey stone with flecks of Pyrite so has subtle silver/gold sparkle (hard to see from the photos)
It’s finished with a long peacock blue/green freshwater pearl.

It wraps around your wrist twice and is adjustable to 3 lengths.

Understated and very easy to wear.
It would look lovely stacked with other bracelets...but certainly doesn’t need to be worn with anything else (it happily holds its own!)


Nipomo-Marcasite offers up vibrations of magnitude and endurance while aligning us with our lower chakra system. 
And helps us prioritise what’s truly important to our soul. 
It gives us an Earthly connection especially when used during meditation, and is a wonderful rejuvenation and grounding crystal.

NB: to help ensure the longevity of your wrap it is best to avoid submerging it in water.

Nipomo Marcasite & Freshwater Pearl wrap

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