This new wrap bracelet is made from three absolutely wonderful stones, each with unique properties...but that all work wonderfully together.
Celestite is at the heart (with blues, greys and whites, swirling through each stone) nestled between pale blue Aquamarine on one side, and iridescent Moonstone on the other.
It has an etheral look to the soft blues and whites of the stones blend into one another beautifully.
Individually hand sewn onto natural leather cord, and finished with a Mother of Pearl button, this wrap will mould to your wrist the more you wear it. The stones are soft the skin and very tactile.
(there are 3 possible lengths...but I am always happy to make a shorter or longer wrap where needed)

Celestite - without exception my favourite stone -though to be honest I love all the stones I work with...(I wouldn't work with them if I didn't!).
In ancient times, people believed that Celestite had fallen from the heavens and it has a very strong connection to the Divine, and celestial energy.
It inspires deep relaxation, and helps restore your natural state of joy, dispelling worry and promoting mental clarity.
Aquamarine - A stone of courage, reducing stress by quietening hte mind.
It gives support to those overwhelmed by responsibilty. It is also known to clear blocks in communication and promote self-expression.
Moonstone - A stone of inner growth and strength, as well as a wonderful stone for new beginnings.
Best known for its soothing energies...that help dispel emotional instability and stress.
Moonstone enhances intuition, allowing inspiration, success and good fortune in love. It is filled with feminine energy and is strongly connected to the energies of the Moon.

Pale Cloud Celestite Wrap bracelet

  • Celestite is a beautiful but delicate stone, so please be careful to avoid knocking it. 

    As with all our wrap bracelets, please do not submerge it in water.

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