This natural Peridot and Mother of Pearl wrap bracelet seems to encapsulate Spring perfectly and is inspired by the first flowers of the season.

The delicate lustre of the Mother of Pearl beads sets off the rich green Peridot beautifully.

It's a lovely and easy bracelet to wear throughout Spring and Summer, and will go with just about everything.

Wraps 3 times around the wrist with 3 or 4 possoble lengths (fastening with an iridescent Mother of Pearl button)


Peridot - A protective stone for the Aura, Peridot was believed to keep away evil spirits. It cleanses the heart and helps us release old, negative

patterns and 'baggage'.

It enhances confidence and assertion, without aggression. 

Peridot motivates growth helping to bring about necessary allows us to look back through our past to find the 'gifts' in our experiences and lets us forgive ourselves.

Peridot helps us to take 'responsibility' for our own lives and prevents us from falling into a 'victim' mode.

Peridot & Mother of Pearl Wrap

  • To help ensure the longevity of the wrap bracelet, it is best to avoid submerging it in water.

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