Beautiful and definitely one for Spring/Summer (the colours are so uplifting) this lovely long loop-over necklace is made from Peruvian Amazonite & Kunzite...and finished with *Karen Hill Silver flowers and beads. 
It is approximately 1m long and can be worn in a number of ways...looping it once or twice, or not at all!

Perfect for wearing with pretty floral dresses, or with a simple white shirt.
Very versatile and lovely to wear.


Peruvian Amazonite, such a beautiful blue/green stone.
Soothes and calms the soul.
It is known as the stone of courage and of truth.
Amazonite empowers one to search the self and discover ones own truths and integrity...helping you to move beyond fear or judgement. 
It provides freedom to express thoughts and feelings and to set strong and clear boundaries.
Kunzite, a very pretty pale pink stone.
It is a stone of joy. 
Removing walls built up around the heart, allowing uncondtitional and lasting love in. 
It connects the heart and mind, stimulating healing between the two.
It brings inner peace and calm, giving you the capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding. 
Kunzite is a stone of compassion and kindness, increasing your empathy and understanding towards others, as well as towards yourself.

*Karen Hill Silver is a beautiful high quality, 98% has a lovely matte grey patina which works very well with the stones, it is made in a small community in Thailand.

Peruvian Amazonite, Kunzite, & Silver Long Loop-Over Necklace

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