I love the richness of this wrap, made from beautiful Petrol Blue Druzy stones and matte gold Japanese glass. 

The stones are sumptuous in colour, with the occasional sparkle, or indentation (so you can see more of the crystal nature of the stones)

It feels like just the right time of year for this piece, golden summer nights with hints of a Autumn to come.
Perfect for wearing every day (or for any special occasion)

Hand sewn onto natural leather, with 3-4 possible lengths...fastens with a Mother of Pearl button.

Properties of a Druzy stones:

Druzy Crystals help boost your imagination and creativity, as well as being calming. 
It is especially helpful in awakening positive self-love, it purifies and amplifies your body’s natural healing properties...and strengthens your spirit.
Druzys help provide the balance in your life to avoid unnatural feelings of sadness, abandonment, or fear.
It helps encourage you to relax and reduce your stress levels. 
It re-energises, and raises your vibrations.
It helps to open blocked energies and assist you in finding your inner light. 
It will also connect you to higher powers on all levels.

NB: to help ensure the longevity of your wrap, it is best to avoid submerging it in water.

Petrol Blue Druzy stones & Matte gold Japanese glass wrap