Absolutely one of my favourite pieces, inspired by a lovely customer’s request for something autumnal...I think this hits the brief! 
Made from Picture Jasper...its warm, rich, earthy tones...feel handpicked for autumn’s colour palette. 

I think the sari-silk tassel is particularly pretty...such a gorgeous orange (I don’t know of anything more likely to lift the mood, than this beautiful colour!)
And it’s wonderfully tactile! 

The perfect piece for autumn/winter

Properties of Picture Jasper-

A very protective and nurturing stone that comforts, and alleviates your fears and removes your worries.

Picture-Jasper enhances creativity and boosts visualisations... 
Helping you to achieve your desires by giving you clarity.

It’s perfect for artistic people who have trouble finding inspiration.

Picture Jasper brings calm, composure, security, and stability in your life.

Picture Jasper & orange Sari-silk necklace