This earthy and warm knotted necklace, is made from Rhodonite...a wonderfully rich and prettily coloured stone. 
Each stone ranges in shades of warm pink and black. 

It’s a beautiful stone with lovely properties (see below)

The necklace is finished with a rich black sari-silk tassel...lovely and tactile (one of the pleasures of wearing this piece, is definitely playing with the silk!!)

The colours and warmth of Rhodonite, make it a beautifully uplifting piece to wear during any dark and gloomy winter days to come.

Properties of Rhodonite-
A heart stone, and a stone of compassion.
It helps to balance our emotions and facilitate the clearing of emotional wounds from the past. 

It clears and activates the heart.

A wonderful stone for preventing patterns of self-destruction.
It encourages unselfish self-love and forgiveness.

Rhodonite Sari-silk Necklace

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