I honestly don’t know anyone who doesn’t need a piece of Rose Quartz in their life...it is a ‘go to’ stone - one we should always have to hand in those moments where we are feeling low and beating up on ourselves.

This stone has the most beautiful energy...its properties are some of the loveliest in the crystal world!

A delicate pale pink hue (almost translucent) that carries soft feminine energies...carry this one close to your heart whenever you’re feeling down about yourself. Or whenever you need some extra love in your life!

These make lovely gifts too...as each is wrapped in brown paper and pink raffia ribbon.

Properties of Rose Quartz 

A stone of peace and unconditional love. It opens the heart and brings deep inner healing and self-love.
A very calming and reassuring stone, it is excellent in a crisis.
It draws away negative energy, and replaces it with loving vibes. 
It carries soft feminine energies.

Nb: you will receive one Rose Quartz heart, wrapped up as shown...with information about its properties included inside.

(Size approx 20x20x6mm)

Rose Quartz Heart Stone