Made from absolutely beautiful Russian Amazonite...a rich green stone with gentle ‘marbling’ through it (hard to truly appreciate in photos)...interspersed with very pretty, pale Kunzite.
Finished with a rich grey/lilac sari-silk tassel.

Inspired by Spring and blossom, this necklace is all about sunshine and raising our vibration.  
Perfect for wearing with a floaty silk shirt or a simple top and jeans...though don’t feel limited...sari-silk necklaces are designed to be carefree and worn as you wish!

Properties of Amazonite:

Soothes and calms the soul.
It is known as the stone of courage and of truth.
Amazonite empowers one to search the self and discover ones own truths and integrity...helping you to move beyond fear or judgement. 
It provides freedom to express thoughts and feelings and to set strong and clear boundaries.
Properties of Kunzite:

A stone of joy. 
Removing walls built up around the heart, allowing uncondtitional and lasting love in. 
It connects the heart and mind, stimulating healing between the two.
It brings inner peace and calm, giving you the capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding. 
Kunzite is a stone of compassion and kindness, increasing your empathy and understanding towards others, as well as towards yourself.

Russian Amazonite & Kunzite Sari-Silk Necklace