Pretty with a very delicate sparkle, these single wrap bracelets are perfect for stacking or wearing on their own.They are each made from different semi-precious faceted stones, hand sewn onto natural leather.They have such a lovely gentle sparkle, catching the light prettily when bling in sight!Choose from 5 different styles.*Citrine (very pale yellow)A stone of abundance, teaching us to manifest and attract weath and prosperity, success, and all good things!It's also a wonderful cleansing stone and regenerator...carrying the power of the sun this is an exceptional crystal...energising every level of life.*Prehnite (translucent pale green)-is a stone that enhances visualisation and helps you connect to the energy of the universe (particularly whilst meditating).It is also a stone of unconditional love, and is the crystal to heal the healer.It enhances inner 'knowing' attuning us to divine energies...allowing us to show the way forward for spiritual growth.*Blue Agate (rich deep blue/greens) A stone that is all about harmony and balance with a soothing and calming energy. It imparts gentle encouragement whilst lifting your mood to a joyous happy level.*Lilac-Cape Amethyst (a pale lilac/purple) A uniquely powerful crystal that can transform lives. A meditative and calming stone which works on an emotional, spiritual and physical level topromote balance and peace.It helps cut through difficult situations and understand what is really in front of you.*Smoky Quartz (a dark translucent smoky brown)A highly grounding stone, which helps us cut through 'illusions' in life whilst keeping you centred.Because of this, it is an amazing aid to meditation.Removes negativity and helps us see things that might ordinarily be masked in 'cloud' - gives us clarity.

Semi-Precious 'Pea-Pod' single wrap bracelet

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  • To help ensure the longevity of your wrap bracelet, it is best to avoid submerging it in water.

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