Made to represent the many colours of the sky, from celestial whites and pale stormy deep blue greys...and of course a nod to the lilac tinges of an early sunset...these bracelets are made up of two different stone combinations.


Extremely tactile and lovely to wear, they are perfect on their own or great worn stacked together.


The first is made from Celestite & White Dragon Vein Agate...a very pretty almost ethereal bracelet.

The second is made from two pretty lilac stones...Ametrine (translucent purple with hints of yellow citrines), and lovely matte lilac Lepidolite.

The last one is made from rich blue Apatite, and glossy grey Chrysoberyl (sometimes known as Cat’s Eye because of the way it catches the light.



Said to have fallen from the heavens, it connects us to higher realms and our higher self


A gentle stone, with powerful energies...helps overcome negativity nad bitterness of the heart...allowing love to grow.



A combination of Amethyst and Citrine that clears stress and tension, bringing clarity.  Helps us take control of our lives.


A stress reliever, dissapates negativity. opens the heart to love and joy, encouraging healing of mind, body, and spirit. Removes outdated behviours, inducing positive change.



A stone of creativity and inspiration. It is said to magnify and strengthen your intentions. It is a deeply spiritual stone and is a wonderful dream stone.


It is a stone said to bring good luck and fortune. Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye transforms negative thoughts into positive energy. It brings happiness and serenity, and increases feelings of optimism.



*To put your bracelet on, gently roll it over your hand...if you feel it is too small or too feel free to message and i will endeavour to remake it to a size that suits you


Natural stone & Silver bracelets (Sky)