I love colours of the natural Tree Agate against the complex grey/blues of the Larvikite Labradorite (or Black Moonstone) it has a very calming feel to it...and that is due to the wonderful properties of the Agate.

An ideal wrap to wear through every season.


Tree Agate - is said to bring both inner and outer peace and has a very strong connection with the plant kingdom and can enhance communication within that realm, whilst deepening your own connection to the earth.

Helps to keep you centered in times of strife or confusion...bringing stability.

Larvikite Labradorite (or Black Moonstone) - is a Feldspar stone known for its protective and grounding properties.

It promotes a strong connection to Earth energies and helps to connect the wearer with spirits of Nature.

Tree Agate & Black Moonstone wrap (Men's/unisex)

  • To help ensure the longevity of the wrap bracelet it is best to avoid submerging it in water.

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