These new Single wrap bracelets are made from beautiful, earthy, warm, semi-precious stones. 
They are wonderfully tactile, and each one has its unique characteristics (both in appearance, and in the properties of the different stones)...but they compliment each other well.  So you can choose to wear them individually or stack them together, as you wish.
Each stone is individually hand sewn onto natural leather, and is adjustable to 3-4 possible lengths.

Looking at the photo of the wraps being held (photo 1)

Picture Jasper (on the left)
A beautifully rich stone, with colours ranging from deep grey, to a wonderful terracotta.

Ruby kyanite (middle)
A combination of two wonderful stones, Ruby & Green has a marbling of deep pinks and greens.

Rhodonite (on the right)
A rich stone with has deep earthy pinks, with black/grey running through.

Properties of Picture Jasper-

A very protective and nurturing stone that comforts, and alleviates your fears and removes your worries.

Picture-Jasper enhances creativity and boosts visualisations... 
Helping you to achieve your desires by giving you clarity.

It’s perfect for artistic people who have trouble finding inspiration.

Picture Jasper brings calm, composure, security, and stability in your life.

Properties of Ruby Kyanite:

Ruby and Kyanite together is a powerful stone that helps to bring dreams into reality, while releasing old patterns, 

It balances and protects you from all negativity, instead, surrounding you with peaceful vibrations - allowing you to manifest your heart's desire. 

The Ruby aspect in Kyanite acts as a nurturing stone, healing and protecting the heart from the loss of ‘heart’ energy.

Properties of Rhodonite-
A heart stone, and a stone of compassion.
It helps to balance our emotions and facilitate the clearing of emotional wounds from the past. 

It clears and activates the heart.

A wonderful stone for preventing patterns of self-destruction.
It encourages unselfish self-love and forgiveness.

Unisex Single Wrap Bracelets (Earth collection)

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