It doesn’t get more Spring like than this necklace! 
Made from delicious Variscite (a fresh green stone, with lovely markings...sometimes mistaken for Turquoise -though it’s a much greener stone)...and very pale faceted Rose Quartz.

It’s finished with a very pretty muted pink sari-silk tassel...

Perfect for days in the sun...or gentle ambles through fields of blossom!
Easy to wear and feels joyous on!
Definitely one to raise your spirits.

Properties of Variscite:

Helps you get rid of bad habits. 
By accepting certain difficult truths about yourself, it will help you achieve complete healing and transformation.
It promotes a fearless you endurance and power
Variscite will show you how to harness your personal power by focusing on your strengths, and then turning your weaknesses into more strengths! 

Properties of Rose Quartz:

As with all Quartz, this is a master Healer and contains the Universal Life force. 
But added to this, Rose Quartz is a heart stone. 
It carries soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing. 
A crystal of unconditional love.

Variscite & Rose Quartz Sari-Silk Necklace