P E R S O N A L  S T Y L I N G


There can be a million reasons why one can need help with personal styling...Whether you are looking for a wardrobe re-vamp or overhaul...or have recently changed jobs or had a change in circumstances, sometimes our clothes no longer fit our lifestyles...or we are simply unsure why they no longer work for us...

I have an absolute passion for helping people feel good about themselves...this is one of the main reasons in my jewellery business, that I am so passionate about matching people with the right stones and crystals...as well as making things that are aesthetically beautiful.

I have been helping my friends for years, going shopping with them and helping with outfits, or helping them throw the right clothes away and keeping the right pieces to re-invent their existing wardrobe...

You don't need a huge budget to have a wonderful wardrobe of clothes...you just need a good eye, and the ability to know where to shop! Whether it's high end pieces, or vintage and second hand (one off) pieces...or a mixture of both... I can help you find things you'll want to wear...that will suit your shape and your wallet.

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How I can help...

We will meet up and chat about what you are looking for and what you need to get out of our session (or sessions).

I will go through your wardrobe (if that is what you would like) and help you decide what works and what no longer serves you (for whatever reason)

Discuss what suits you best, what colours and styles lift your spirits...most importantly it's about making you feel comfortable and confident...and ultimately, happy in whatever you wear.

What we wear and how we feel in it...is not simply a superficial thing...it goes much deeper than that, and can provide us with an inner confidence and happiness...Our clothes should be a reflection of ourselves...

I'm not here to make you spend money you don't have...so if you are on a tight budget, then we will make it work without extra expense.

I can work to any budget.

If you would like me to shop for you, I can do that...or we can shop together...(our time together is your time...and you decide how it goes!)

I'm very good at sourcing vintage and one-off pieces and equally have a good handle on the high street and what shops will offer the right look for you and your personality.

Whatever you need be it only a small wardrobe tweak or a complete wardrobe re-invention, I am very happy to help.

I look forward to hearing from you.

                      Fi x


Initial meeting and wardrobe overhaul

full Morning or Afternoon (approx 4hrs)


(a deposit of 25% is required at time of booking)

Subsequent meeting/Shopping

Morning or Afternoon



I am based in Oxfordshire and am happy to travel approx 30-40 miles

(but do contact me and we can discuss possible options)

Get in touch...

Thank you for getting in touch, we will answer your query as soon as possible.