A stone of courage, Aquamarine has calming qualities that helps reduce stress and quite the mind.  It cleanses and inspires the truth. In ancient folklore, Aquamarine was said to be the 'treasure of mermaids' and was used by sailors as a good luck evokes the purity of water, and the relaxation and exhilaration of the sea.

A stone of courage

Beryl Morganite

Beryl Morganite is a stone of Divine love, bringing healing, compassion and promise. It's delicate pastel shades cleanse the emotional body of stress, anxiety and hidden traumas. 

It encourages love and abundance, inspiring joy.

Stone of compassion and healing


Celestite, as its name suggests is connected to the Celestial, a beautiful delicate pale blue of the sky...(such a distinctive colour that ancient cultures believed it to be pieces of the sky that had fallen to the Earth).  It has a strong historical association with angels and divinity. Celestite is immediately calming and said to be the stone that will summon your Guardian Angel. It can help you reconnect to the divine spirit improving harmony and happiness, as well as divine wisdom.

Connect with your higher self

Blue Kyanite

Kyanite has the ability to align all the chakras, never needing to be cleansed as it doesn't pick up negative energies. Like a universal bridge it helps pathways, enhancing telepathic and psychic abilities, and providing the link for transmitting or receiving healing energy.

It brings an immediate calming effect to the whole being, Kyanite is an exceptional stone for deep meditative states.

Stone of truth and clarity

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Its beautiful shades of turquoise/green helps soothe the spirit and calm the soul.  It is traditionally connected to female warriors yet tempers aggression and stills disquiet, providing harmony and balance. Known as the stone of courage and truth, Amazonite empowers one to search for ones personal truth and integrity.

Stone of courage and truth

Butterstone Jade

Formed in the Archaen period some 2.5 billion years ago, Butterstone Jade is an excellent grounding and balancing stone.  It absorbs negative energy  and brings stability and patience. 

It is also known for encouraging peacefulness and helping to develop trust.

A grounding & balancing stone


With its pale lilac pink hues, Kunzite is a stone of emotion, connecting the heart and mind chakras and helping to bridge a happy communion between the two. It is a stone of joy, helping the heart allow unconditional and abundant love.

Stone of Joy

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